Friday, January 6, 2012

Look Whooo's 1 Month Old Today!

Lottie turned 1 month old today!

All our traveling and visitors this 
month have spoiled her rotten!

She likes to be held!

She will sleep in her bassinet for 
a few hours at a time at night.

But she wants to eat every
 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day!

 She is still sleeping most of the day.
 (as long as she is being held by mommy)

She loves the swing 
(until she realizes mommy isn't holding her).

She loves her big brother and sisters. 
She sleeps right through all the noise! 

And she actually really likes
 riding in the car!  (Thank the Lord!)

 I think she is the only month old that has 
already been to the movie theater 3 times! :)

It's been a fun and exciting 1st month!

I  am learning to type with 
my left hand!
 (she likes to be held with my right!)

Jared and I have come to the conclusions: 
our house will never be clean again,
 we will not get 4 hours of 
straight sleep for a while, 
and all those parents that said going from 
3 to 4 kids isn't much different are liars! :)

Even though I'm sleepy and sitting in 
a dirty house I wouldn't trade  
this baby girl for anything!

"From the fullness of His grace, we have 
received one blessing after another."

John 1:16

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