Friday, January 13, 2012

Nixon Turns 5!!!

Nixon Grace turned 5 on 
the 15th of December.

5 years! Wow! I remember holding 
her in my arms, as I am now 
holding Lottie, like it was yesterday. 

She has turned into a sweet



precious little girl. 

Nixon is a wonderful big sister. 
I know that's what all
 moms say about their 
oldest but I really mean it!

Isla is her best friend. 
They come home from MDO and 
play barbies, school, or 
"fashion girl" for hours everyday.
 I am  told when I am not around 
she takes care of Isla, making sure
 no one messes with her 
and she doesn't get scared.

Roman adores Nixon. 
Isla and Roman fight like cats and
 dogs but not Nix and Roman. 
No matter if he hits, bites or takes 
her toys she always remains calm
 and like a mother corrects him.  
She gets so excited when he says a new word.
She loves her baby brother!

And of course she is a HUGE
 helper when it comes to Lottie. 
She likes helping with diaper changes, 
picking out her clothes, and 
bringing her toys to play with. 
She is always wanting to
 hold Lottie like a baby doll. 

I love it when I often hear her say,
"I have the best family ever!"

But because December was such 
a crazy month and we did not know 
when Lottie would make her grand 
entrance, we decided to have her 
birthday party in January. 
(which has now been moved to February)

We woke up on her birthday to 
find that Casey the Elf had
 hung balloons and streamers around
 the house to celebrate her birthday! 

She was excited to blow out her 
candles and get a prize at school!

She specifically asked 
to have pink and purple 
cupcakes and icecream brought 
to school to share with her friends.

She opened up her gifts
 as soon as she got home!

Nina bought her some cool Moxie Girls!

She got a Barbie camper
 from mommy and daddy!

Isla picked out a special gift for her...

Barbie camper sister and tent!

She showed off her new toys to Lottie!

That night we took her
 to Ezell's to eat her favorite food...
shrimp and sweet tea!!

Her best friend Libby came to celebrate!

We had a great day celebrating 
the birth of our big girl!
She has added so much happiness and 
laughter to our life these past 5 years!

We have also listened to her as 
she  has planned her Rapunzel Sleepover
 Party she is going to have since the moment we were
 leaving the parking lot of her Pinkalicious Party last year!

Needless to say the girl loves to party!

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  1. That's just precious! It sounds like she is a precious girl and wonderful big sister:)