Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

Sunday December 25, 2011
Christmas Morning

We actually had to wake up the kids at 8am
so that they would have time to 
open their gifts before church.
(Nixon and Roman are normally awake by 7)

Roman wasn't too sure what was happening. 
But once he saw his toys he got excited! 

He LOVED his new rain boots...
(maybe he will stop wearing his sister's pink ones)

and his motorcycle!

His favorite gift was his new Doodle Bops DVD!

The most special gift of the morning 
was the kid's new kitchen!
Mr. Phil Elder from our church made the kids
 a kitchen out of an entertainment center. 
It is so cute and the kids LOVE it! 

The girl's also received a
 new Barbie house 
with an elevator.
 (that was Nixon's only requirement!)

Nixon, Isla and Roman received new bibles...

and many more goodies!

Isla's favorite toy she received was Alphie.
She begged for it during the Christmas season.

We didn't leave Lottie out! 

Below are pictures of Lottie 
with a few of her gifts!

Stockings are always my favorite 
part of Christmas morning!

We enjoyed Christmas morning. 

The kids played...

and we spent the morning with 
Lottie (our special little Christmas gift!)

Soon it was time to get ready for church! 

And of course I tried to get a picture of all 4 kids
....I don't know if I'll ever get one with them all looking! 

Nixon and Lottie!

Isla giving Roman love!

After church we went and ate lunch
 with a family from church. 
We then came home and got back in 
our pajamas and the kids continued 
to play with their gifts. 

Nixon painted toes. 

We ended the night sewing with girl's 
new sewing machine!

It was a wonderful Christmas.
 It was nice staying home
 and celebrating with our new family of 6! 

It was definitely different from what Jared 
and I are use to but it was simple and quiet 
which was exactly what our family needed.

It is so easy to get caught up in traditions
 and being disappointed because we are 
unable to do the things or go the places 
we traditionally go. (I love traditions and
 I love making them with the kids!) 

I was reminded by a friend that 
it is our culture that teaches us that 
Christmas is about traditions,
 but there was not one thing 
traditional about Christ's birth. 

That simple reminder changed my
 perspective this Christmas. 
So even though we did not see 
family Christmas day and 
we didn't even get to make
 Jesus's Birthday cake,
 (yes, we ran out of time Christmas day!) 
we did celebrate our Savior's birth 
and were able to share with the kids 
who our Lord is, how He came and 
what He did for us. 

It is because of that we can say we
 had a Merry Merry Christmas!!

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  1. I remeber you had a pink barbie house with an elevator. I loved playing with it.