Friday, December 2, 2011

Black Friday Fun!

My absolute favorite day/night is Black Friday! 
I love the crowds, the excitement, and the chaos!

Like years past we drove from Leroy to Tuscaloosa 
Thanksgiving afternoon so 
we could shop all night and day with my family. 

My sister and I were in the line at 
Toys-R-Us by 7:30 Thursday! 

There are very few days or nights we are 
"kid free" so we really enjoyed ourselves!
Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures from the night.

But it has become somewhat of a family tradition to
 go get the kids (and my parents) Friday 
morning and all go to the mall and to lunch.

Later we finished up our day of shopping.
 All in all we shopped
 for about 24 hours 
(minus a few hours of napping and a shower) 
I think we went to Toys-R-Us, 
Target, and Walmart all twice!

The kids:
JohnMark, Roman,
 Julianna Marie, JennaLeigh,
 Johnna Katherine, Isla, and Nixon 

The Girls!

They LOVED riding the train!

JennaLeigh is so cute!

JohnMark and Isla rode in 
the front and rang the bell!

After a full day of shopping the kids relaxed and 
watched the new Barbie Christmas
 movie while Jessica, Mom, 
and I wrapped all the gifts!

Even JennaLeigh and 
Roman enjoyed the treat for a bit!

Jessica's kids made gingerbread 
houses before we arrived. 
Roman has caught redhanded 
several time eating the houses!

We had to rush back to PC 
on Saturday morning so 
that Jared could watch 
the Iron Bowl (Roll Tide!)

But no trip to Tuscaloosa would be complete without.... 

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