Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Lottie's 1st Day
December 6, 2011 

Lottie had several visitors. 
Our pastor Rob was there for her birth. 
(not in the room but I am pretty sure 
he could hear me screaming in the waiting room)

My mom "Nina" came to meet 
her 11th grandchild.
 (10th in the past 5 years!)

She brought the kids to meet their baby sister!

Nixon loves baby Lottie!

I was uncertain how Isla would react to not 
being the "baby girl" anymore. 
But she absolutely adores her Lottie. 

Roman was unsure at first. 

He just wanted to play!

I love this family shot Rob got of all 
of us short after Lottie arrived.

My friend Haley came to meet Lottie!
(and bring me lunch)

My father "Preacher" arrived late that afternoon.

Gue and Pop also came that evening to meet Lottie!

This #9 for Gue and Pop!

She slept through most of her visitors.

 She did wake up for a few pictures.

Our 1st Cartee Family picture of 6!


  1. Welcome, Lottie! You are beautiful!

  2. I just can't believe this! I'm the oldest of four but we're spread out across ten years. You two aren't joking around with all this baby-makin' business, haha! :) HUGS, congratulations and Merry Christmas to the Cartees!