Monday, December 5, 2011

Favorite Things Party!

For the past few months several ladies and 
I have been meeting @ Starbucks on Wednesday 
nights for bible study and fellowship.

For our Christmas party we wanted to do 
something different so we had a

 "Favorite Things Party"
(of course I found this idea on Pinterest).

I made the invitation using photoshop 
and glued it to a piece of 
brown cardboard box
and tied blue "satin" ribbon around it! 
(following the lyrics of the song)

Basically everyone had to bring 5 
of their favorite things ($6 limit)

That is 5 of the SAME item!

As soon as everyone arrived to Jamie's house
 (Jamie so graciously offered her house since 
she does not have kids to clean up after)
they were to write their names 5x and place them in the bowl!

They were then to grab a tag off the tree!

 The tags served two purposes: 
They each had a # and a question.

The number told what order each of 
us would draw 5 names out of the bowl 
and pass out our gifts.

The question was just a fun 
"ice-breaker" or "get to know you" activity! 

We had a fun time sharing 
our answers with everyone!

Everyone also had to secretly
answer a short questionnaire!

A few of the questions were:
Favorite Food?
Favorite Movie of 2011?
Favorite Make-Up Item?
Favorite Drink?

We then guessed to see if we could figure 
out who had filled out each sheet!

Again, just another fun way to 
learn more about each other!

I loved that we asked everyone to
 bring their favorite desert or appetizer!

Below is just a few of the favorite
 foods that were brought!

 Everyone was given a brown paper
 bag to put their goodies in! 
(my printer as you can see was running out of ink!)

The party began! 

Stacy, Donna, and Jamie

Laura, Candi, and Sheryl

Carmen, Jennifer, and Becca 
(I was taking pictures of course)

 Laura was excited about Candi's
 two favorite things.
A candle and fuzzy socks!

Stacey drew her 5 names as we 
anxiously awaited to see 
who she would draw!

Everyone really wanted what she brought!
 A cup that she had put polka dots
 on using her cricut filled with snickers!

 Everyone brought great gifts! 

Bath and Body Works hand 
sanitizers and car deodorizers!

Christmas Ornaments and Scarfs!

 More hand sanitizer, a candle, and travel 
toothbrush and tooth paste!

 Warm Fuzzy Footies! 
(this was what I brought)

Fingernail polish, remover,  
and foot scrubber! 


And Becca brought a little bit of everything! 
(in some fancy wrapping I might add) 

I remember there were chocolate 
mints, planners and notepads!

Apparently several of us really love 
clean hands and warm feet! 

We had a great time! 

We missed those were not able 
to make it but we will definitely
 do this again next year!

It was a wonderful party idea!

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