Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lottie's 2nd Day!

Lottie's 2nd Day was full of visitors and 
some much needed peace & quiet.

Lottie's 1st bow.
 By her smile I think she likes it!

We found out the previous night that 
she would definitely be a paci baby!

Roman and Nina came and visited
 while the girls were at preschool. 

Roman brought Lottie a gift.

And he got to spend some time with daddy. 

We got a yummy cake from the hospital!

One of my very best friends Whitney and her 
sweet baby boy William came to meet Lottie!
Whitney has been there for all 4 births.
I'm so glad she got to come by!

 We had many visitors but I forgot to 
pull out my camera for most. 

Erica came to meet and hold Lottie!

Donna and Mrs. Janet 
(I missed getting a picture) came by after church.

The girls brought gifts they
 had picked out for Lottie!
(they didn't know Roman had already given her one)

Of course they were excited
 they got to open them for her!

They picked her out finger puppets 
so they can have puppet shows for her!

Lottie with all her puppets!

Our last visitors of the day were Tiffany and Haley.

The two big sisters were
 excited to see Lottie again. 
They were ready for us to come home!

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