Saturday, December 10, 2011

1st Annual North Pole Breakfast!

It was about 3am Tuesday morning when I decided
 to start this post. I was in early labor with Lottie 
and could not sleep. Looking back I wish I had just
 headed to the hopsital. 

Unfortunately, I waited too long
 and didn't make it in time 
for the epidural (which is more 
the hospital's fault than 
mine but that is another story) 

So this is officially the Cartee's
 last blog post without Lottie! 

Cartee Family 1st Annual
 North Pole Breakfast! 

Thursday December 1st I decided to 
have the family's 1st 
North Pole breakfast to 
welcome the holiday 
season and the arrival 
of Casey the Elf!

I set the table with our Christmas dishes 
and I got the kids their 
1st Christmas goodie bags!

We had chocolate milk with
 marshmallows and candycanes!

The girl's got a cute new "big girl" 
Santa cup filled with juice!

I made Rudolph doughnuts !

These were my favorite! So easy and cute!

They are just chocolate doughnuts with
 red peanut M&M's as noses, pretzels 
as antlers and icing for eyes!

Nixon Grace really liked them!

I got the idea off of Pinterest for
 Snowman pancakes.
 I of course improvised with items I already had!

Two pancakes, chocolate morsels for eyes 
and buttons, bacon for a scarf, and a 
sliced orange gumdrop for the nose!

I have NEVER had success 
with making pancakes
 so Jared generously offered to be in 
charge of the pancakes and bacon! 
(also, "No Shave November" carried into
the beginning of December)

The kids were so excited to see the 
arrival of Casey and the breakfast surprise!

Nixon's favorite was the Rudolph doughnuts

and the chocolate milk!

Isla loved the pancakes!

And Roman just ate all the chocolate 
and dipped his marshmallows in the syrup! 

He did finally try his pancake!

Jared read the story of "The Elf 
on the Shelve" during breakfast!

The kids received their 1st present of the season!

I got cute Christmas bags and filled them with 
Target $1 items for the kids to
 prepare them for December fun! 

Roman got a Christmas coloring book, 

Christmas pajamas and socks,

and a water gun!

Nixon and Isla received 
Christmas pajamas,
 (Nixon wore for the next several nights!) 

Christmas coloring book,

Christmas lipstick,

Christmas socks,

Christmas headbands,

I love how excited Target $1 
section makes my girls! 
If only this would last forever! 

The funniest moment of the morning was after breakfast. 
I dressed the girls for MDO and Isla came in screaming. 
We asked her what was wrong and she said 
"We were lying to her. Casey the Elf was not real! 
He was fake and he does not come to life"

She was so serious it was hilarious!
I immediately looked at Jared to see how I should respond. 
We simply told her (like we have told Nixon) that 
she was right. Casey the Elf is just for fun and pretending. 

I thought that might be the end of Casey and Santa 
but both girls have had a blast "pretending" that Casey 
and Santa are real this past week. 

Nixon reminds me daily that we are pretending 
but thinks it's really fun.

 Isla I think has
forgotten she doesn't believe. :) 

We had a wonderful 1st annual 
Cartee North Pole Breakfast! 
It was full of fun memories 
and new traditions! 

Next year we will have one more 
plate of snowman pancakes!
(I think we are going to have to buy a bigger table!) 


  1. This is so cute Julia! Can't wait to see a post about Lottie :)

  2. I love, love, love reading your blog! I am so going to have a North Pole Breakfast event with my grands the week before Christmas (which is when I'll be out of school and can host a big spend the night party)! Keep on creating and blogging!

  3. What a wonderful party! You are an incredible mama and did an incredible job! I'm tired just reading about it!

  4. Found this post via pinterest as I love the idea of a North Pole breakfast and I'm wanting to do one this year on Christmas Eve. We don't do the whole Elf thing but I love the snowman pancake idea and may have to adopt that as a new tradition here if you don't mind! :-)