Monday, October 17, 2011

Babies with Two Heads

Nixon Grace walked into my 
bedroom Saturday all dressed up. 

Below is our conversation.

Nixon  "Mommy, do I look beautiful?"

Mommy "Of course you do! Are you getting married?"

Nixon  "Yes"

Mommy  "Who are you getting married to?"

Nixon "....I think Roman" :)

Mommy  "I don't think you can marry Roman, he's your brother. 
Girls can't marry their brothers"

Nixon "How 'bout JohnMark or Reid? Their my cousins?"

Mommy  "No, you can't marry your cousins. You have to find someone who isn't family to marry"

Nixon "Cause our babies will have two heads?"

Mommy "What?"

Nixon (Giggling) "Daddy says if I marry my brother or cousins our babies will have two heads!?" 

Thanks Jared for clearing this up with Nixon. 
I don't think we have to worry 
about Nixon marrying her cousins now! 

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