Monday, October 10, 2011

Rock Ranch

Saturday was our only free Saturday in October so 
after a very long and rough week (Roman was very sick) 
we decided to take the kids to a pumpkin patch.

I have been hearing about Rock Ranch 
since we moved to Phenix City.
 I was told it was the best pumpkin patch around! 

I went online to check the prices before we left and 
noticed they had a "Duggar Family Special" for larger families. 
Jared and I laughed about it until we realized
 that once Lottie gets here we will qualify! 

It really was amazing.
I highly recommend it to anyone with kids. 
There was only one problem.....there was no pumpkin patch. 
But even without a pumpkin patch we had plenty to do!

The fun started as we rode a
 tractor from our car to the farm. 

We rode the Cow Train!

There was a 100lb weight limit that
 Jared obviously surpassed.
The man let him ride in the
 back so Roman could ride.

Apparently a woman saw that Jared was riding and
 decided she wanted to ride. She did not have any children
 and she was well over a 100lbs. She jumped in
 before the man could tell her no. 
This is Jared laughing at her. 
 It ended up being a very slow train ride.

The girls loved the corn boxes!

I thought Roman would love it but he would not
have anything thing to do with the corn box!

I snapped these next few pictures as Jared
took the kids to the underground slide!

They LOVED the slide!

They decided to do it again and again and again!

We then went over to Tiny Town!

We visited EVERY stop!
 There were too many to post but 
below are a few of our favorites!

The kids took turns "preaching like Cheaper"
 in the church!

Then they all went to jail!

But they got out!

My favorite stop was the Cafe!

If only Chick-Fil-A's prices were 
the same at our Chick-Fil-A!

I think Roman was disappointed
 it wasn't real food!

 We visited The Rock Bank!

And right after we left it was robbed by bandits! 

Nixon and Roman enjoyed the fire-station!

The schoolhouse was fun too!

Of course the girl's favorite stop was the 
"Teeny Tiny Dress Shop"!

After leaving Tiny Town the 
kids spotted a playground!

Roman preferred dirt over any of the activities!

On our way to the train we ran into some cowgirls! 
They scared the mess out of Roman! 
You can see he is hiding!

While waiting for the train
 Isla wanted to pose for some pictures! 
(our future model)

The train finally arrived!

Roman loved the train!

After the train ride we grabbed some lunch
and the girl's jumped on the jump houses.

We went to the petting farm area!
(We skipped riding the ponies b/c of time)

We then rode a bus to Truett's Barn
 so we could ride the hayride!

Roman LOVED riding the bus! 
I'm pretty sure it was his 1st bus ride!

We waited a while for the hayride 
but we decided to skip it 
(since we knew there would 
be more hayrides this Fall) 
we knew the kids only had about 
another hour before they crashed!

Nixon and Isla drove tractors 
around the hay course! 
They are NOT good drivers!

We had been eyeing the jump pillow all day! 
Nixon and Roman had a blast! 
(by this point Isla was pooped!)

We ended the day with CRAZY hair! 

Nixon didn't want her hair to be too crazy! 

On the way out we were stopped 
by the Pumpkin Launch! 

We watched as they launched pumpkins across the lake!

It was a wonderful end to a great Fall Day!

We rode the tractor trailer back to the car!

The kids were OUT before we even left the parking lot! 

Before they fell asleep I did ask 
what their favorite part of the day was?

Tiny Town was Nixon's Favorite! 

Isla said she liked her crazy hair the best and the corn! 

Roman of course still will not talk
(not CAN'T talk but WON'T talk) but 
it was pretty clear his favorite part were the goats!

It was a perfect fall day! Even 
though we didn't take home
 pumpkins we brought home a ton of memories! 

We look forward to going back!
There was a ton of stuff we didn't get to! Maybe next time we will campout in the conestoga wagons? 


  1. Cute pictures, Julia! What a fun day! I wish we had something like this close by...

  2. Thanks Lauren! I looked it up to see how far away Rock Ranch is from Tuscaloosa and it's 4 hours away! I forget we live so far away now! But if your in the area it really was a neat place! I was very impressed!