Tuesday, October 4, 2011

30 Blessings @ 30

Nixon is always asking me "Mommy, when you were little like me did you do this? Did you like that? Did you play with Barbies like me? What was your favorite ____?" She is full of questions about what I was like when I was little like her.

I often think about when my mom was my age and what life was like for her as she was married to a minister, moving around, taking care of 3 children all while my father finished school.

So I decided my 30th Birthday would be a great time to document 30 blessings in my life at 30 so that the girls (and Roman) can look back and see what their mom's life was like at 30.

Today I am 30 years old and one month! I have been trying to write this post for a month now but September disappeared faster than I can type!  30 YEARS is pretty old! But as my father once said, "There's only one other alternative to getting old." ;)

Please note the GREATEST blessings in my life are the relationships have been given, 1st and foremost with Jesus Christ. I also have an amazing husband, wonderful kids, great family and friends.  I have decided not to list any names because I know that I would leave off someone very special. 

30 Blessings @ 30 
(or just things that make my life 
easier and/or make me smile) 
*This list is NOT in order of rank! 

1. Sonic Rte 44 Diet Coke- I love Happy Hour!

2. DVR- How did we live without this for so long? I have convinced myself that it saves me alot of time not having to watch commercials!
3. Hair Straightner-Without it I would look like I had an old perm everyday (which I did for like 20 years before I got one) 
4. Taco Casa- Unfornately I live 3 1/2 hours away from the nearest one. But oh how I love Taco Casa!!!

5. Epidurals- I am pregnant with my 4th child in 5 years. Epideral goes high on my list of blessings!
6. Ben and Jerry's Ice-Cream - "Everything But The ...."- Jared and I eat a pint of icecream almost every night once the kids are in bed. (Jared's flavor is, Pistachio Pistachio)

7. Peanut Butter M&M's. (I discovered these this year)
8. Reese Cups....okay anything with chocolate and peanut butter makes my life better and I consider a blessing! 
9. My Sister- I know I wasn't going to name anyone but she's the only one I have! We talk about 5-10x a day, we are best friends, I pray my girls are as close. (and when they are reading this years from now Jessica and I still are) Also, I promise never to cut your hair like Jessica's! 

10. Serger- Jessica actually gave me this a few birthdays back. I love my serger! I don't know why anyone would sew without one! It makes me feel like I am a better seamstress than I really am!
11.Surburban- I drive a grey Suburban.  I LOVE it! It is exactly what we need. It has leathers seats so I never have to worry about my disgusting messy husband children! I plan to drive it until dies. I can space all 4 kids so that they can't touch! And we can fit a double stroller and all our luggage in it! We will drive a suburban for the next 20 years!
12. Garmin- Again, I don't know what we did before these were invented. I didn't get one until about two years ago. Although, I still get lost all the time! 
13. Iphone - I love having an  Iphone for more reasons than I can list. (and none of them involve actually talking on the phone)

14. McDonald's Rolo McFlurry! The only thing better than chocolate and peanut butter is chocolate and caramel! Add icecream and it is perfect! This was a new special McDonald's offered this summer, it's probly a good thing they no longer sell them.
15.Black Friday- My favorite day of the year! There is nothing I love more than to sit in line at Toys-R- Us  or Target all night only to get a few Christmas gifts. It really has nothing to do with needing a particular toy for the kids or saving money, I just love the excitement and crowds! I look forward to my girls growing older and getting to experience this with them each year! (Note: This will be my 3rd Black Friday that I will be 8 months pregnant!)
16. $2.50 Popcorn Bucket - I can't go to the movies without popcorn and a drink so this is a great blessing! Jared and I love going to the movies!

17. The Beach! - It's my favorite place on Earth, summer or winter.
18.Thanksgiving- It's my favorite holiday. It's the one holiday we manage to see ALL sides of our family. The food is my favorite too! Again, this will be my 3rd Thanksgiving @8 months pregnant which equals no guilt!
19. Ruth- Right now I'm in the middle of a Ruth bible study. I'm loving the Truth it's continually teaching me week by week! I also love the fellowship of women! (and we meet at Starbucks so that is a blessing inside a blessing)
20. Summerville Baptist Church- We are so very blessed with an amazing church family. Jared is the Minister of Education and Youth. We would have never imagined we would be so blessed when we drove into Phenix City, AL two years ago.  We have made wonderful friends, Jared works with the best staff (including the best secretary EVER!), and we love the youth.

21. Great Neighbors! - It's rare these days to even know your neighbors but we have been blessed with good ones on both sides. A retired pediatric nurse (which comes in handy with 3 1/2 kids) and her sweet husband on one side. And the Hardins on the other side. Nicole is wonderful- she is a stay at home mommy, likes to sew, has two little girls that my girls love to play with. We are able to help each other out babysitting and we probably borrow way too many things from them! The more I think about it our neighbors- Nicole, Heath, Hadley and Brinlee are one of our greatest blessings at this pint of our life (We are secretly praying their house will not sell)
22. Camera- Speaking of Nicole she is also a photographer on the side. She knew my camera broke last Easter and insisted I use one of her extras. I was quickly spoiled by the DSLR camera. My wonderful sister bought me my own for my 30th birthday! I LOVE it! Now I just need to learn how to really use it!
23. I LOVE my Mac. I'm not sure why anyone uses a PC anymore. I'm sure if my girls are reading this in 20 years they will have something that makes our computers look totally ridiculous!
24. My High School Friends- I know I said I wasn't going to name people but this is really the blessing that I have kept in touch with my closest friends from high school. (even after being out of HS for almost 12 years) I know no matter how far away or how long it has been since we talked we are here for each other! I love Tara Leonard, Sarah Storm, Jenn Hood, and Paige Dunnington. Yes, they are all married but I like their maiden names better! And I can't leave off Tara Hodges (Even though we didn't actually go to HS together ;) I wish I had a picture but HS was before the days of digital pictures...I really am old!
25. One-A-Day Contacts- I have been wearing contacts since Jr. High but my wonderful mother-in-law introduced me to one-a-days! They have changed my life. I should be a spokesman for them. I really love them that much. So until I save enough for eye lasik surgery they will continue to be one of my greatest daily blessings!
26. Sound Machines- We have a sound machine in every bedroom. Without them I do not think any of my children would sleep at night or nap-time. I love sleep therefore I really love sound machines.
27. Atlanta Market Cash and Carry- Twice a year Jessica and I are able to go without children (well, Jessica has carried around a baby or two before) and shopped until our feet could take no more! I love going to Market. It is a close favorite to Black Friday. Great deals, wholesale prices, but more importantly mommy time for me, Jessica, and when we are lucky a few of our friends. (Please note Jared has and will be keeping all 7 kids by himself all day to allow us to go)
28. Facebook- I know I know, there are so many negatives and I often hope it's not around when my kids get older but I do love how I can stay in touch with all my friends and family. Living so far away from family makes FB a blessing.
29. College Friends- Again, since I am not suppose to be naming people I am recognizing the fact that I have continued the relationships God gave me during my 4 amazing years at Troy. You know who you are and for my girl's reading this 20 years from now I hope you know who they are too. If anything know that friendships are some of God's greatest blessings. I pray when you go off to college the Lord blesses you as much as he did me with the special friends I continue to have in my life! Below are just a few of the many I hold dear!

30.My Blog- I am not a sentimental person nor do I have time to scrapbook. Sorry kids you won't each get a personal scrapbook from every year of your childhood. But I did start blogging this year and I am so very thankful. It has made me write down and organize our most precious memories. Without it you would not be reading this. So for that I count it as one of my favorite blessings I have in life right now. 

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