Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3 Precious Words from My Baby Boy!

Last night Roman looked at me
 and as clear as day he said, 

Roman is 22 month old so 
this is a pretty big deal! 
I was beginning to think he may 
never actually talk.
He really doesn't say much more 
other than Dada, LaLa (Isla), No, Out, and Baby.
 He has completely taken momma 
out of his vocabulary. 
(saying "I love you" to me makes up for that!)

But all of a sudden about a week 
ago he decided he would start
 saying a few more words!

 His 1st phrase was "I want that". 
He picked that up from his sisters. 
Every time a toy commercial comes 
on I'm sure our neighbors can 
hear them all yelling "I want that! I want that!" 
(no matter the toy) 

The girls have been chattering 
since I can remember. Seriously, Isla has been
 talking since she came out of my womb 
and has not stopped. (I'm sure Jared and I are 
getting paid back from our childhood)

It makes me happy to hear those 
3 little words from my baby boy! 
Now we are just working on "Roll Tide!"

This is a picture from last week. 
He was playing his 1st game of hide-n-go seek with the girls. 
I found him hiding in the bucket under the pillow! 
He is already a lot better at the game than his sisters. 

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