Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Peek-A-Boo! Look Who's Two! Part 1- American Girl Boutique

The older girls have been begging for 
American Girl dolls since last Christmas. 

Since Lottie was having a Baby Doll Birthday
I thought it would be the perfect
 day to take the girls to The American Girl Boutique. 

We stopped for hotdogs and hamburgers on the way!

The Birthday girl LOVES hotdogs!

This was our 1st time
at the American Girl Boutique!

Lottie & Jenn Jenn split the
two twins. 

Isla chose to bring home Caroline. 

Nixon chose a doll that looked like her
with brown hair and blue eyes.
She named her Emma. 

It took a while but
all the girls finally chose a doll, 
an outfit, and matching accessories. 

I think Isla and Nixon enjoyed riding the
escalator as much as they did the dolls. 

It didn't take long before the
Birthday Girl was out! 

We were so happy that Gue was
in town to join us!

Lottie did wake up in time for a few pictures!

Since Johnna Katherine and 
Julianna already had dolls they
visited the Doll Hair Salon 
to give their dolls a new look!. 

We surprised the girls
with a visit to the  
American Girl Bistro for milkshakes!

The Birthday Girl enjoyed a 
birthday milkshake &
blowing 2 more candles!

She LOVES milkshakes
& baby dolls!

I am very thankful
we were able to make Lottie's
birthday so fun for all
the girls! 

It was such a fun day!
I am sure it was the 1st of many trips to 
the American Girl Boutique. 

We left and headed home for 
a baby shower for all our new dolls!

Look Who's Two! 
Lottie Rose, That's Who!"
(next post) 


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    1. Thank you! I apologize I am just now seeing this and just now updating the blog! Hopefully I will catch up and stay on top of it! :)