Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Eve 2013- New Traditions

New Year's Eve

We had not taken our Christmas
ornaments off our tree so
we quickly did so and decorated the 
tree into a "New Year's Eve Tree"!

The girls put on party dresses and 
enjoyed putting makeup on like
real teenagers! Obviously, Lottie's
dress didn't stay on long!

We had dance party while
waiting for the stroke of midnight (or 9)!

The past two years the kids have 
completed questionnaires 
about the year to put in our
NYE Family Time Capsule. 

This is my favorite part!
I know I will treasure their
answers for years to come!

Maybe by next year I will
decorate our time capsule (Pringles can)

We counted down!

Blew our horns!

And lastly, popped our balloons!

 This was the kids favorite part of the night!
I earlier put $$ in balloons so at the stroke
of midnight (9) the kids could pop the balloons
and fill their new piggy banks with money! 

They LOVED this!

The balloons were
filled with pennies, nickels, 
and a few quarters
but the kids thought it was fantastic!
I'm sure in future years I will
have to add dollar bills to keep their interest!

It was a simple fun night at home
with the kids. 
The only thing missing was daddy.
Thankfully he had New 
Year's Day off to spend with us!

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