Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Morning 2013

Christmas Morning! 

The boys loved 
our matching pajamas! ;)

We were happy to spend Christmas
morning with Nina and Preacher!

Lottie's stash!

Nixon and Isla's stash!

I missed getting a picture of Roman's
pile but this is really all he cared about! 

Everyone got a bike!

Even mommy!

Lottie loved her baby

This could possibly be my
favorite picture of the day!
It captures Lottie's diva personality 

Dress-up was one of 
the kid's biggest requests.

Of course the giant Batman was a big hit!

Lottie is still eating the candy 
out of her stocking!

Even though the girls
got their own dollhouse they
prefer Roman's.

Christmas morning

The kids took turns
in the gift chair!

Nixon was very excited 
about her gift from Isla!

Nixon was a little
loud when she got excited!

Roman's 1st video game! 
I'm not sure who was more excited?

Daddy got a turn in the 
gift seat!

He's officially an old man. 

Someone enjoyed just 
rocking with daddy. 

Mommy got wanted a picture
with him

and she got VERY jealous!

After gifts it was time
for the birthday breakfast!


We sang Happy Birthday!

Daddy read the Christmas story.

And we ate!

After breakfast Nina &
Preacher had a surprise
 for the kids outside!

A new swing set!

It was a wonderful Christmas morning
celebrating our Savior's birth. 
We are so thankful and blessed to 
be able celebrate with our
little family. 

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