Thursday, January 9, 2014

Farewell Breakfast

We didn't get to have our annual 
Northpole Breakfast this year on December 1st 
so I decided we would
have it on Christmas Eve morning. 
It somehow developed into a 
"Farewell Breakfast"
for Casey our Elf. It was a great way to 
say goodbye to Casey!

Casey left a letter to the 
kids saying goodbye.


 Strawberry Santas!

Hot Chocolate
 Flavored Cupcakes 
with Yummy Marshmallow Icing!

Grinch Fruit!

White Donut
Christmas Tree
(Roman added the angel)

Reindeer Pancakes

Nina's Delicious
Orange Bread

The kids each got 
a Christmas Eve treat!

We all enjoy our 
annual Christmas breakfast!

While looking through these 
pictures I thought of the quote,

"The Best Thing About Memories,
is Making Them." 

I love making memories 
with my children. 

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