Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nixon Family Trip to the Dallas Zoo

We were so excited John Ashley, Roxann,
 and the kids came from 
Virginia Beach to Dallas to 
celebrate Christmas with 
us for a couple of days. 

We spent one afternoon 
visiting the Dallas Zoo!

Nixon, Ella, and Julianna

Lottie, Isla, Johnna Katherine

Looking at the penguins!

John Ashley & Father

Lottie & JohnMark

Waiting for the monorail!

Love these pictures of
the girls being silly! 

Riding the monorail!

Isla & Johnna Katherine

Jessica, Jane Madelynn, and Father

Julianna and Nixon

John Ashley and John Mark

Roxann and John Robert

Roman and JennaLeigh

Ella and Julia

Ella and JennaLeigh

We only had a little more time to see the animals.

We always ride the
carousel on the way out! 

Preacher and Lottie.
Lottie loves her Preacher.

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