Saturday, January 11, 2014

Miscellaneous Christmas Fun!

It never fails, I always regret
 not taking enough pictures. 
These are in no particular order. 

I had a bad habit this holiday season
of not charging my camera battery. 
So below are just a few of 
 our fun memories 
of this Christmas season! 

Christmas Choir Program

We were so proud of Roman!

The girls did great too!

Pajama Day at School
The girls love 
Mrs. Lukas!

We kickstart every Christmas 
season at the mall in Tuscaloosa
on Black Friday!

What's more fun than being
at the mall on Black Friday 
with 9 kids?!?!

Annual Train Ride

Lottie would have 
nothing to do with the train!

Christmas Class Parties

Nixon's class played a snowman game. 
She was the snowman. 

Nixon & Ryan

Nixon & Mrs. Sperry

They had a pancake breakfast!

Nixon & Hadley

Nixon & Jasia

Isla & Daddy

Isla let Roman 
in on the fun at her party!

Nativity Painting

Every year we get a new nativity. 
This year the kids painted one.

Nina painted baby Jesus. 

I'm pretty sure this will be my favorite 
nativity for years to come! 

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