Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

We were so excited this Thanksgiving!
It was our 1st holiday here in Texas.

We went to Jessica's house
 the day before to cook 
and do crafts with the kids!

We started the morning off 
with yummy doughnuts. 
Forney has the most wonderfully
 unique doughnut shop!

The kids colored and played
while Jessica and I cooked and baked
getting ready for the next day!
(Jessica did most of the cooking) 

Lottie discovered the stairs!

We made turkeys out
of apples, fruit loops, and 

The kids loved this craft!

Lottie just liked eating the 
marshmallows and fruit loops!

The turkeys turned out
very cute!

Roman caught Lottie eating her turkey! 

Thanksgiving Day we went to Jessica's
house for lunch and
family time. This was the 1st Thanksgiving 
since Jared
and I have been married we haven't been 
in Leroy or Butler. 

We missed our tradition and the Cartees but
are thankful to have family in town 
for the 1st time ever to celebrate 
holidays with!

Lottie's 1st Thanksgiving! 

She just wanted to crawl around

Isla and Nixon

Silly Cousins

Roman refused to smile
for a picture! 

But I caught him a few
times by surprise!

Julianna was giving 
makeovers and spa treatments!

Even though mom and father
were unable to join us
we talked to mom plenty on the phone
to get recipes and tips!

We had a lot 
of helpers in the kitchen!

Jared kept kids entertained
while the girls
were in the kitchen!

We threw together a kiddie
table to help entertain the kids!
(anything to help adults
eat a meal in peace)

I wish I had gotten a picture
of all the kids answers!

Our 1st Thanksgiving 
together in years!

We had sooo much food!
It was all delicious!

Below are just a few of my favorites!

Papaw's dressing!

Sweet Potato Casserole

Fried Turkey!

Mark fried squash and zucchini!

I attempted to make
a pumpkin roll like my 
Aunt Rita. 
It wasn't really a success!

We enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving lunch. 

Lottie slept all afternoon but finally 
woke up to enjoy 
her 1st Thanksgiving meal!

Jane Madelynn 
enjoyed her 1st Thanksgiving too!

We got a few pictures
of the girls to remember their
1st Thanksgiving!

JohnMark jumped into one
with the girls!

We ended the afternoon
with Jessica reading
the kids a story about 
the 1st Thanksgiving and Squanto.

After the story we tried
making pilgrim hats
out of cookies and reese cups.
I must say the people on Pinterest 
made them look much better and a lot
less messy!

But they still tasted good!

I was very thankful for so much 
this Thanksgiving season. 

God has blessed us with more
blessings than we can count. 

Most of all, I am thankful for my family.
My 4 healthy wonderful children. 
And for the new adventure 
we have begun here in Texas. 

We are thankful to have family in town 
for the first time in our marriage. 

"Enter His gates with
and His courts
with praise. Give 
thanks to Him;
bless His name."
Pslam 100:4

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