Thursday, January 10, 2013

Annual North Pole Breakfast

Even though we didn't have a tree
up or any decorations
I knew I HAD to
have our annual 
North Pole breakfast!

The kids were so
anxious for Casey our elf
to arrive! 

I love throwing the breakfast!
It starts out the Christmas season 
with excitement and goodies!

Since it was Lottie's
1st North Pole breakfast she received
a special treat! 

Nixon was the first one to 
wake up!

Casey had decorated the
light fixture with ribbon and 
was hanging from it!

I prepared a yummy breakfast! 

Reindeer Kisses
(Chocolate Morsels)

Santa Hats
(Strawberry yogurt with
whip topping)

Christmas Trees
(Waffles with berry ornaments,
 bacon trunk, and a fruit star)

Lottie had a great time!

The kids loved the food!

Isla's always loves
the hot chocolate the best!

I think Lottie's favorite was the whip topping!

Lottie shared her special treat 
with her sisters and brother!

It was a wonderful start to the holiday season!

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