Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Evening 2012

As we left the house to
head to my sister's
it began to SNOW!!!!

It was our 1st 

The kids were so excited! Roman
and Isla ran through it
but they soon decided it was too cold!
The wind was horrible!

But Nixon begged and begged to
go play!

My sister's house

We had a wonderful 
Christmas evening. 

The cousins played.

Jared and Jessica cooked
(I'm thankful to have
a husband and sister that can cook!)

We ate yummy yummy food!

Jane Madelynn sat 
contently watching us all!

Lottie still did not feel very good
but she had her daddy to hold her. 

We ended Christmas evening 
singing "Happy Birthday"
to Jesus and eating
(actually we were so stuffed and
the kids were done so we didn't eat cake)

Isla cracked me up videoing
the singing with her "cell phone". 

It was a great Christmas day
spent with family.

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