Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nativity & Caroling

We still had no Christmas tree. 
Jared was working long hours and
we were trying to adjust to
our new lifestyle here in 

I was still unpacking boxes 
(in fact, I am STILL unpacking) 
so I thought it would be
a great idea to let the kids make
a nativity out the
emptied boxes and stuff animals. 

I love how they went and got 
the hospital blanket to wrap 
baby Jesus in. 

My favorite touch was the houndstooth
bow Mary is wearing!
Roll Tide Roll!

The 3 Wise Men

The shepherds and sheep

Nixon was made the angel.

I think the nativity turned out

Later that week we went to 
Jessica's to make crafts 
and go caroling!

The kids LOVE Little People!
As you can see there was a long
line to see baby Jesus!

The kids made jingle
bell bracelets.

We practiced a few songs and 
went caroling around the neighborhood!

I'm not who enjoyed it more,
the kids or the neighbors!

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