Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nixon Family Christmas

Ella-6, Nixon-6, Johnna Katherine-4,
Isla-4, Julianna Marie-6, JennaLeigh-2, 
Sarah-3, Lottie-1, JohnMark-8,
Jane Madelynn- 2m, 
John Robert-2, Roman-3

We were so excited when 
we found out my brother and his
family were going to drive over for the day! 

They live in Virginia Beach and were
down south for the holidays. 

Getting 12 children to sit still and
smile for a picture was a big task!

This was the 1st picture
of all 12 Nixon grandchildren!

We had a blast visiting with
all the family!

Roxann and John Ashley
got to meet Jane Madelynn for the
1st time!

Roman LOVES John Robert!
He loves having boys to 
play with!!!

If only we didn't live over 20 hours away!

He loves having JohnMark
down the street!

We exchanged gifts and
Nina and Preacher
sent a few! 

Granny Nixon crocheted
matching hats for all the boys 
and shawls for the girls!

Nina sent the
girls their annual
Holiday Barbie!

I'm happy that John Robert
liked his Spiderman 
mask Roman picked
out for him!

I think his daddy liked it too!

We tried having a little photo-shoot
since we were all together!

Lottie still did not feel good 
so she was not very cooperative!
For her defense, I took her to the doctor
the next day to find out she had the flu and
an ear infection. :/
(thankfully, everyone else is flu free)

I love these pictures 
of the boys!

JohnMark jumped in the last one!

This is the 1st picture 
of us 3 in long time!

Me and my brother!

The girls!

We finished the evening going
out to eat.
There are no pictures but believe me 
when I say it was chaos. 

12 kids and 5 adults eating at a nice
resteraunt. I'm pretty sure that was John Ashley's
wonderful idea! :) 

The only thing that would make this day better 
would be if mom and father were there. 
We all missed them!

Hopefully we can all get together 
this coming summer! 

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