Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Casey, Christmas Pictures and Reindeer Fun!

The kids LOVE Casey our elf!
Unfortunately their parents
 really stink when it 
comes to Casey! 

I think we forgot to move 
him more than we remembered!

I can honestly say I was happy when he 
headed back to the North Pole this year!

Maybe next year 
Casey will be more active and creative!
Thankfully the kids were too 
young this year to really notice!

He did manage to have one special 
treat this year for the kids.

He left a note and magic beans
(tictacs) for the kids to plant 
in a bowl full of sugar.

The kids woke up to 
a great surprise!

Cookies had grown!!!

Gue sent the kids matching 

I tried my best to get a picture with all
the kids looking and smiling....

It wasn't the easiest task.
The next two were the best I got!

Jessica and I had BIG plans
for our 1st Christmas season together. 
We had it all planned out. 
But of course life got crazy, Jane Madelynn 
was put in the hospital, kids got sick 
and our plans went out the window

I managed to make our reindeer 
treats one night while keeping the kids.

We had reindeer sandwiches!

Reindeer brownies!

Reindeer Chocolate Milk!

The kids loved it!!!

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