Friday, May 27, 2011

Potty Trained- FINALLY!!!!

I was very unsure this day would ever come!

Isla has had no interest at all
in giving up her diapers.

Exactly one month after her 3rd birthday
she went and spent the weekend with
Nina and Preacher and when
I showed up she was wearing panties!

Since then she has had no accidents!

Nina took us girls to get our nails done as a prize for the big accomplishment!

Nixon's fingernails were painted hot pink with flowers!

Nixon wanted white toenails with
hot pink polka dots!

Nixon waited patiently as her nails
dried while Isla got her's painted!

Isla insisted on having pink glittery nails!

Isla decided to have her toe's match her sister's!

All Isla asked for was Jesse (off of Toy Story) panties!

I never dreamed we would be able to find them.
After looking all over Tuscaloosa for a
week Nina mailed Isla a special package!

Jesse Panties!!!

Isla is soo excited!

I'm even more excited I am down to only
one child in diapers!
(at least for about 6 months!)

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