Monday, May 2, 2011

Lunch with Granny Nixon and Family

The Thursday before Easter we drove down to Mobile and met my Grandmother Nixon and family for lunch.

Nixon Grace loves Granny Nixon. She thinks it is so cool that
Granny Nixon has the same name as she does! :)

Thanks to Aunt Theresa for driving Granny over to Mobile to meet us. Eating at O'Charley's with 8 kids (4 and under) and
9 adults lunch gets a little hectic!

Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of everyone.

Roxann, John Ashley, Ella, Sara and John Robert came and joined us!

Roman enjoyed having John Robert to play with!

Jared and John Robert

It was wonderful spending time with Aunt Teresa, Rachel, Emily and Lucy. We even got to see Brittany and our newest baby cousin Durant. (sad I have no pics, what was I thinking?!)

Isla and Lucy!

Isla giving Lucy a kiss!

Nixon Grace and Isla are still talking to about baby Lucy!

Granny Nixon is telling Ella and Nixon a story.
(Granny Nixon has great stories!)

Granny Nixon had surprises for all the kids, VeggieTale Videos!
The were so excited!

Thank you and goodbye hugs for Granny Nixon!

It was a great visit with Granny Nixon, Aunt Theresa and everyone! Visits are always way too short and too few and far between. Hopefully we will get down to Pascagoula sometime this summer!

Granny has promised to give Nixon Grace art lessons!

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