Sunday, June 5, 2011

Girl's 1st Dance Recital

The girls had there 1st dance recital Saturday night!

Isla's Ballet routine was the bunny hop!

Nixon's 1st routine was jazz.
She called herself the "hot girl"
(because her outfit was hot pink)

They did not allow taking pictures or
video at the recital
but a got a few pictures at
dress rehearsal the night before!

This was opening act. All the dancers
went on stage with boas and sunglasses
to the music of "Vive Las Vegas"

Isla did great at rehearsal but
decided the night of the show
she was not gong on stage!

Nixon Grace practicing the opening act.

Nixon and Isla had several people
cheering them on in the audience!

Gue came to see the show!

Preacher and Nina!


Mommy and her girls!

Roman stayed with Mrs. Tracey during the show.
But if you look closely at Nixon's
arm he bit a big chunk out of it so that
we will remember him in all the pictures! :)
(thankfully the black eye he gave her had healed
and her outfit covered the bite marks on her stomach
...needless to say I have a very abusive son)

Backstage at the recital.
The girls giving each other good luck kisses!

Nixon was excited about hanging out with
her good friend Tatum from dayschool!

Nixon entertained herself for many
hours backstage with coloring!

Isla colored on my Iphone.
All the other bunnies watched for a while.

Mrs. Ashley and alot of the preschool dancers!

Nixon ready for opening act! She did a
wonderful job on both
opening act and her tap dance!

Isla ready for opening act.
(too bad she never made it on stage)
She did go on stage for her ballet routine but she
cried the entire time and didn't dance. :/
She's only three and it was her
first time on stage.
I am very proud of her for just going out there!

Nixon dressed for ballet! She was beautiful!

Nixon and her friend Tatum.

Nixon gave Isla a pep talk to get her to
not cry during her tap dance.
Apparently it worked!
Isla went out and did a fabulous job!

I have been bribing the girls with trophies
since Christmas at dance practice.
I am not sure where their obsession
with trophies came from?
But that is all they cared about!

Aunt Dee and Gue were so proud of the girls!

Haley and Michelle cheered them on!

We loved seeing the girls dance and have their first stage experience!
They both want to try gymnastics next year.
Jared is for it because it means no forever long recital! :)

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  1. Julia, your sweet family is beautiful! Those sisters are precious. I love keeping up with you guys! xo molly