Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summerville Baptist Egg Hunt!

We had the greatest time at our church's Easter Egg hunt! We arrived thinking we would hunt for eggs, eat, and come home. But to our surprise there were ponies, bounce houses, paddle boats, an incredible playground and a little train for the kids to ride!

It has taken me two months to find the time to blog about our great day but it was definitely worth backtracking so we can remember all the details!

Roman had great time in the bounce house!

Roman, Evan and Wesley jumping together!
Roman and his buddy Evan bouncing together!

Nixon and Libby posing for a picture!

Isla and her most favorite Sunday School teacher ever, Mrs. Peggy!

Isla riding on the ponies!

Nixon taking her turn on the ponies!

Roman and Jared playing catch!

Roman sharing the ball with Evan!

Our good friend Bare was visiting this weekend.
He was relaxing until
I gave him photography duty.
I must say he did a great job!
He is much better at taking pictures than I am!

Nixon and Roman enjoyed riding the train!

The kids played in the playhouse!
Roman of course went straight to the broom!

The girls enjoyed the playground!

Haley and Isla waiting for the Easter Bunny to arrive!

The Easter Bunny arrived!
Libby and Nixon giving him a hug!

Roman did not care much for the bunny! In fact, he whacked him over
the head with his broom! Thankfully the bunny was daddy!

The girl's waiting for their turn on the paddle boats!

The girls went on a paddle boat ride with Libby and Griff.

Isla was so excited she got to ride on the "Easter River"!

Our wonderful photographer Bare took some pictures of the beautiful surroundings!

Bare and The Easter Bunny (aka Jared)

Isla finally warmed up to the Easter Bunny!
(we found out later because she figured out daddy was inside)

Bare taught Nixon how to fish while Jared was off entertaining kids.

Waiting for the Easter Egg Hunt to start!

Time for the Egg Hunt!

Roman giving Jr. a five!

Jared looking very happy to be there with me! :)

Time for Dinner!

Bare and Nixon enjoying dinner with Nixon.

Roman loves cupcakes!

Jared fishing with Nixon Grace.

Nixon and her friend Dio!

Isla riding the train!

Bare and the girls leaving the party!
We had such a wonderful time at the church's Easter Egg Hunt! There was so much for the kids! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful church family!

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