Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A week of Cousins!

The 1st week of May we had so much fun with
Mom, Father, JohnMark,
Julianna Marie, Johnna Katherine,
JennaLeigh and Jessica visititing!!!!

The girls love their cousins!!!

They also love to dress just alike!

Johnna Katherine and Isla

JohnMark, Nixon, Julianna, and JennaLeigh!

Preacher and Nixon and Johnna Katherine!

Monday was "Bring a Friend to Ballet" Day!
Nixon was so happy Julianna was their to join her!

The girls showing us their moves!

Jules, Isla, and JK enjoying a snack!

Movie time!

JennaLeigh and Roman playing together!

The kids enjoyed racing down the driveway on the scooters!
Jules cheering Nixon on!

JennaLeigh watching Roman do what he likes to do best....EAT!

We had a great week!

It began with Isla's birthday party and
ended with the Cotton Pickin' Fair!

It's a full house when everyone is here but we love it!!!

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