Wednesday, April 13, 2011

President Nixon

"President Nixon"
A couple of years ago Nixon Grace attended a two day MDO program. Jared went to pick her up one day and the teacher told him that they had nicknamed her "President Nixon". We just assumed it was because of former President Nixon. But to our surprise the teacher had no idea who Richard Nixon was (yes, that is very sad) and she told us "we nicknamed her that because she tells all the kids what to do and they do it, she's in charge!"

Nixon is now 4 and it does not look like she is going to step
down from her presidency anytime soon! :)

She now has a little sister and baby brother to boss around. Wherever you see Nixon you see Isla following her every move. And Roman is not far behind.

Below are a few of her favorites things
and unique habits that make her so special!

Nixon Grace LOVES Barbies!
She can play for hours all by herself or with her sister.

I love to sneak in and listen to the story lines she has made up! (she gets embarrassed if she realizes I am listening) It is normally about a mommy, daddy and baby or a princess and her prince!

The last time I counted we had over 45 Barbies!!!

Nixon Grace also loves to play with her baby dolls!
She plays school, mommy, big sister or doctor.
She has a WONDERFUL imagination!

There isn't a day that goes by that both of my
girls are not dressed
as a princess at some point!
Nixon LOVES to dressup!
Below is a picture of her and cousin Ella!

Nixon Grace LOVES to dance!
Rather it's ballet or just to the beat of the Fresh Beat Band she loves to move!
She also love to sing and make up original songs!
She loves watching "Merican Midol" (American Idol)
She is a little obsessed of who are the losers and who are the winners!

Speaking of winners, Nixon also enjoys pretending to be a cheerleader. (especially when it involves Jared lifting her up) Because our Pastor tries to brainwash her into being Gator fan you will often hear her say "Roll Tide is Winners and Gators are losers!" :)

Nixon's best friend at church and school is our Pastor's little girl, Libby!

Nixon's most favorite past-time is being outside!
Often because of Roman or work I can't go with her so she
has found a new favorite spot on the steps of the backdoor! Most often it is the place I send her to apply her makeup!

She loves to swing and play on the neighbors play set!

She also has found a new love for her "garden".
(It is basically the wildflowers and weeds that grow in our backyard!)

She of course loves picnics and McDonalds!

Nixon ONLY wears dresses and skirts!
The only way I can get pants on her is if Gue makes them and that
normally also includes a bribe!
She loves wearing things Gue makes her!

Nixon Grace is very dramatic! It won't surprise me if she
becomes famous one day because of her acting skills! :)

Although she will have to overcome her fear of being on stage. As outgoing as Nixon is, she does not perform well on stage.
Every time she performs with the
preschool choir at church or her class at the Christmas play,
she doesn't really sing and she just makes weird faces with her tongue? :)

Of all the things she loves to play and do,
she loves being a big sister best!!!
(In fact she keeps asking for a new baby sister or brother, one that does't bite!)


  1. Julia, she is so cute, I mean of course she is beautiful, but all the things she loves are precious, too!

  2. Sweet post! Love the ballet pictures!

  3. Hey Julia! I think I found your blog thru Bare + Natalie's. Just wanted to stop by and say hello! The Pinkalicious party was adorable! Pink hair? Amazing. Look forward to staying in touch with you guys.
    xo molly