Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Weekend at Leroy

We drove to Leroy late Wednesday night after church to spend Easter weekend with the Cartee's.

Thursday we went to see cousin
Cooper's Baseball game.

Gue and Nixon watching the game!
Nixon said she will never play ball b/c ball is for boys!
I try to tell her that isn't true but she insists she is a ballerina.

Pop, Roman, and Isla

Cooper talking to Nixon during the game.

It was Roman's 1st time at the ball field but I have
a feeling we will be spending a lot of time there in the future!

Friday morning Gue and Pop had a birthday surprise for Isla!

Gue gave her Dora pajamas,

Dora snacks,

and she made her a Dora Birthday shirt for her party!

Nixon enjoyed Gue reading with her!

After we got dressed Isla and Roman enjoyed Easter lollipops!

Roman really liked his lollipop!

30 minutes later Roman still enjoying his lollipop!
We had to stick him in the tub after this!

The kids hung out with Gue outside while Jared and
Pop played golf and I worked.

Cousin Reid and Ellis came!
Reid and Nixon loved playing with Jared's old toys!

Gue, Jared and Isla

Missy Piggy aka Aunt Dee!

Isla took this picture of me, Deidre and Gue!

Aunt Dee and Isla

Oink! Oink!

The kids helped Gue make easter cookies!

Roman jetting around on Jared's old Big Wheel!
Gue kept all of Jared's old toys!

Our little artists coloring!

Isla and her Dora masterpiece!

I walked into the kitchen to find Nixon Grace helping
Gue wash the dishes!
What a BIG helper!

Aunt Alli and the boys came and brought
Isla another birthday surprise!

Time to Dye Eggs!!!

Roman's 1st time to dye eggs!

Of course he thought he should eat it!!!



Dying Eggs wore Isla out!
Aunt Dee swinging with Isla and Ellis.

Nixon helped Aunt Alli and Gue finish all the eggs!

The Cartee Egg's!

The kids played outside for the rest of the evening!

Roman tackling Cooper!

Nixon even played tackle with boys. Although, I kept hearing
her ask Cooper if he wanted to play princess with her. :)

Looks like Roman is winning!

Isla playing all by herself like usual!

Reid, Nixon, and Cooper!

Tractor Train Ride!

Nixon and Reid rode in the wagon!

Pop held Ellis while Jared, Roman, Isla and Walker rode in the back!

Roman took this opportunity to catch a quick cat nap!

Cooper was the caboose!

While the others continued to play Roman decided it was time to eat!
He loved Gue's spaghetti and he discovered Gue's "Red Stuff" (Pretzel Salad) for the 1st time!

Outside the men and the children were having piggyback races!

Uncle Jim & Nixon, Walker & Reid,
Pop & Isla, Gabe & Tucker,
and Jared & Cooper!

Uncle Jim and Nixon Won!

Cooper saw how high he could climb in the tree!

Tuck Tuck playing!

Tucker and Isla

Cooper, Tucker and Isla playing in the monkey grass!

Finally everyone ate, bathed, and
were ready for bed!
Everyone needed a big night's
rest for tomorrow's busy day!

Nixon, Reid, and Isla ended the day
by watching the Veggie Tale Easter movie!

It was a great day of fun and family!

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