Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Baby Girl Turns 3!!!!

Our baby girl turned 3 yesterday! I can't believe it has been 3 years since the day she was born!
Isla is such a blessing to our family.

The kids woke up and I made mini muffins (their favorite) and Isla got to blow out the breakfast candles!

Nixon and Roman enjoyed some mini muffins!

We got dressed while we waited for Jared to come home so Isla could open up her presents!

Nixon giving Isla "Birthday Lovin"!

Nixon giving Isla her gift! Nixon picked it out all by herself!

Lipstick and Fingernail Polish!!!

Isla giving Nixon a Thank You hug!

Isla opening up Roman's gift! (Roman was taking a nap)


Isla putting on some of her new lipstick!

Please excuse the wrapping, we were out of tape and Nixon helped me!

Isla got a Dora Castle!!!

I'm not sure who likes it more, Nixon or Isla?!

Isla giving Daddy a BIG thank you hug!

Isla closing her eyes waiting for her last big surprise!

Her first bike!

It's a Pinkalicious Bike!

For Isla's Birthday lunch she wanted to go to Mexico (aka El Vaquero)

Daddy and Roman enjoyed the chips and dip!

Isla's friend Hadley (our neighbor) and her mom came for lunch!
Along with our friend Haley!

Hadley brought Isla a birthday present, a Zhu Zhu pet bunny!

The waiters came to sing to Isla but as you can see she was terrified!!! :)

She didn't want to have anything to do with the hat or the
waiters but she LOVED the icecream they brought!
Roman enjoyed a cupcake!

Isla did too!

Isla gave Hadley a big hug for coming to eat with her!

Isla's birthday fell on a Wednesday so we went to church that night!

Below is a picture of Libby, Ava, and Nixon singing happy birthday to her!

This is Isla and Nixon blowing out her "tend" candles!

Isla had a wonderful birthday! She is definitely ready for her birthday party next week!

Below are a few pictures I took of her in her birthday dress!
( I am NOT a photographer!)

Isla dancing!

Isla smelling the flowers! :)

Isla saying CHEESE!

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  1. I can't beleive she is 3 either!!! They grow up too fast!