Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pinkalicious Birthday! If You Are What You Eat, Then Eat Something Cute!

I have been busy planning Isla a Dora Birthday Party and remembered I never blogged about Nixon's fabulous Pinkalicious Party.

For those of you that have never read the children's book "Pinkalicious" it is about a little girl who eats too many pink cupcakes and turns PINK!
It is the girls favorite book!

We had a little photo shoot several weeks before the party for Nixon's invitations!
Gue gave Nixon a Pinkalicious costume to wear to the party!

All the girl cousins came the weekend for the party! Nina gave Nixon a Pinkalicious doll! I let her open it early that morning so that we
could use it for decorations at the party.

The party was held at Scrumdiddlyumptious,
a local bakery.

For decorations on the front porch I used pictures of Nixon, the book, and the doll.

I bought cupcake ornaments and made tags saying
"Thanks for Making My Birthday Pinkalicious!"
I gave these to all the adults who helped on the party.
I also framed a picture of the invitation.

The food provided most of the decorations!

Of course all the food was PINK!

We had:
Pink Whoopers
Pink Jellybeans
Pink Rice Krispies
Flower Shaped Strawberry Jelly Sandwiches
Marshmellow Cupcakes on a Stick
Strawberry Sugar Waffers
Pink Sixlets

I made each girl cute pink birthday hats out of scrapbook paper.
I also made Nixon a birthday banner out of the same scrapbook paper!

Nixon had her own miniature cake!

I even put a platter of pink cupcakes in the room for the moms!:)
Aunt Rita enjoying a cupcake!

Nixon arriving at her Pinkalicious 3rd Birthday Party!
(yes, I bought pink boots just for the party)

As the girls arrived they each received a pink apron with their name on it.

Sister arriving to the party!
Isla (AKA- Cookie Monster)
Stealing a few bites before the guests arrived!

Gue arrived fully dressed in her own Pinkalicious Costume!

As we waited for everyone to arrive the girls had their hair sprayed PINK! And their nails painted PINK!
(just like Pinkalicious!)

Our friend Haley was in charge of the nails!
(she also made the adorable cupcake wands)
Libby (Nixon's best friend) showing off her pink nails!
Johnna Katherine getting her hair PINK!
Isla's is PINK too!

They then came in and
decorated their very own Pinkalicious wings!
Nixon decorated her wings!
Johnna Katherin decorated with her pink hair!
Cousin Ella
Nixon is such a little artist, she loved this part!

Aunt Rita read the book
"Pinkalicious" to all the girls!

Tatum and Libby listened carefully to the story!
Gue held Isla as they listened to the story!

Then girls then decorated there own Pink Cupcake!
This was a hit! (and a little messy)

Maggie & Johnna Katherine
Gue helped Sarah decorate a cupcake!
Ella & Isla
Aunt Roxann helping Ella

After everyone finished decorating
their cupcake it was time to chow down!
Isla eating her cupcake!
Johnna Katherine enjoyed hers!

"Who likes the PINK cupcakes?"
WE DO!!!


After we ate it was time for PRESENTS!

The girls gathered around!

For Party favors we gave each girl
(along with their apron and wings)
a PINK sugar cookie to take home!

After the party was done we let the boys join us for a cupcake!


Nixon checking out all the pink food for the first time!
Kailyn, Nina, Aunt Rita, and JennaLeigh
Cousin Kailyn and Isla
Me, Kailyn & Jessica
We tried getting a picture of all the cousins at the end.
Roxann & Ella
Nixon, Isla, & Gue
Kailyn with JennaLeigh
We were so happy Aunt Rita and Kailyn came all the way from FL just for the party!!!
Nina & JennaLeigh
Cutest kid ever! - Johnna Katherine
Isla saying "CHEESE!"
Girls checking out the bakery.

It was a FABULOUS party!
Nixon is still talking about it!
I am so happy I could make her day so special!

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  1. I would have DIED for this birthday party at their age. It's so perfect, Julia--and look at your pretty self in your precious pink,too! I love it.