Friday, March 11, 2011

"Model Girls"

The Girls LOVE anything Barbie!
They love watching "Barbie Fashion Fairytale"
I must admit compared to most children's movies it is pretty entertaining.

Monday night Nixon announced she and Isla were going to be "model girls" :)

Here are a few shots from the fashion show!

As you can see Nixon accessorized all by herself!

We had spaghetti that night for dinner (Jared and I were actually finishing our dinner as they put on the show)
You can see evidence all over their faces and Isla's shirt!

Isla giving me her excited face!

Sad face! :)


Best Friends!

Roman enjoyed the fashion show for other reasons!


  1. The girls havent started dressing up Roman yet? Thats the ones I want to see. Gorgeous sweet children, we love and miss y'all!!

  2. Very cool Julia that you are doing this. Such a beautiful family!

  3. How cute you all are!!! came over from leslie's and really enjoy your blog. Love the name "Isla"