Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday JohnMark!

Last night Jessica, Mark, JohnMark, Julianna Marie, Johnna Katherine, and Jenna Leigh arrived! There is nothing we enjoy more than cousin time!

Next week is JohnMark's 7th birthday and so we thought we would celebrate!

This is first thing in the morning.
I told them all to get on the couch and I would bring them their breakfast. (it is amazing how they well they obey when food is involved!)

(left to right) Johnna Katherine, JohnMark, Nixon, Julianna, Isla, Hadley, & Roman (Hadley is our favorite neighbor and Jenna Leigh is missing)

After breakfast we loaded up and went to Monkey Joes!

Isla and Johnna Katherine stuck together most of the day!

JohnMark and Nix

The younger kids loved the kiddie area!

Roman's favorite thing to do was to ride on the Dinosaur!

Until Hadley would knock him off! (j/k Nicole) :)

Julianna, Nixon, and JohnMark posing for a picture!
(JohnMark posed the whole day to make sure Jessica had enough to make him a B-day Book!)

Roman checking on his buddy Jenna Leigh. She slept most of the morning.

She did wake up to have her turn on the dinosaur!

Jenna Leigh and Jessica

I decided to join the kids a few times!

Nixon took Roman for a ride down the slide!

Roman had no fear!
He wanted to do everything all the big kids were doing!

The matching outfits were compliments of Aunt Jessi!
They did make it easier for us to keep up with the kids!

Serious Pose!

Funny Face!

After Monkey Joes we all went to Burger King to continue JohnMark's celebration!

Isla and Johnna Katherine enjoyed chicken nuggets and apples!

Not sure what is going on here????

Roman took a short nap in the car but of course woke up for the food!

Johnna Katherine being as cute as always!

After Burger King kids napped and played outside. That evening we had cake, ice-cream, and opened presents!
JohnMark wanted a Lego themed party!

We surprised JohnMark with decorations when they arrived last night.
Jared made a quick trip to the Dollar Store while Nixon and Isla were busy coloring!

Mark built a few things out of Legos to put on JohnMark's cake!

We sang Happy Birthday to JohnMark!

Everyone dug in!

Again I had to wake Roman up to eat! But I knew he would not want to miss cake!

Isla fell out of the chair. (she is bit of a drama queen)

Jenna Leigh enjoyed the party!

Jared made it home to celebrate too!

Me and Jessica

Time to open up presents!

Nixon picked out JohnMark her own special gift!
A rubber snake, spider, and something else???
I think he liked them!

JohnMark was so kind and wanted all the girls to help him open up his presents!

We got him some kind of Ninja Lego set.

Apparently by his reaction and thank you's he really likes it!

JohnMark even bought Roman his very 1st set of Legos!

He really likes them!

Jared and Roman playing together!

We all really enjoyed being with the family!

Not only did we celebrate JohnMark's birthday,
today was also Mark and Jessica's 11th wedding anniversary!

She made this cute card for Mark.
And we kept all the kids while they went out to dinner!

It has been a long day and I am tired but smiles like this make it all worthwhile :)

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