Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fantasy and Lights

I am still playing catch but I am determined to get up to date by Friday! I would just hate to forget about all the fun we had during December!!!

December 10th (Jessica's Birthday and the night before Nixon's Birthday Party) the entire Nixon family went to Calloway Gardens "Fantasy in Lights"

There is nothing like riding the train with 10 kids!

JohnMark and Roman enjoyed the lights!
JohnMark made up stories the entire way!

Nina and Preacher rode the train with the kids!

Roxann, baby John Robert, Ella and Isla

Isla's favorite part were the fairies!

Preacher kept Ella and Isla warm!Bold

Nixon Grace and JohnMark pose for a picture!

Julianna, JohnMark, Isla, Nixon, Johnna Katherine and Rudolph!

I just love Isla in her polka dot hat!

Roman and Mommy pose for a picture while all the other kids were running around the outside Nativity!

Jessica kept Jennaleigh warm!

Roman (6 days before his 1st birthday)

Julianna and Nixon

Roxann, Ella and Sara!

Time to go see Santa!!

I am not sure what Johnna Katherine and JohnMark asked for? Julianna was too scared to go see him!

Sara and Ella with Santa

Isla asked for a ladybug pillow pet and a baby.
Nixon asked for a unicorn pillow pet and a barbie house.
(they both got what they asked for!)

Isla loves Santa Clause!

Jared and Roman just strolled around as we saw Santa!

John Ashley and Sara

Isla and Johnna Katherine giving each other some love!

Nixon, Isla, and Julianna Marie with the Elves!

Julianna Pouting :)

Isla is definitely not camera shy and she loved those elves!

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