Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cartee's on Camera!

Today we went to The Waters to have our last session of Roman's baby package. I don't think Roman smiled for even one picture!
Photo shoots are exhausting! But I am confident that we will have more than enough to choose from! (we always do w/ Kim Box and Josh)

Posted are pictures we took back in November for the Christmas cards that were never sent out! (my apologies to all!)

We have been blessed with wonderful neighbors and Nicole just happens to be a great photographer! (and exchanges babysitting for pictures)

There is definitely nothing more chaotic than trying to take pictures of three kids under 4!!!!

We actually got a picture with everyone looking and smiling! This was our first or second picture of the day!
(we should have probably stopped while we were ahead!)

Daddy Sandwich!

The Boys!

The Girls!

We tried taking another family picture!

I really wanted a picture of us all walking and holding hands. (Isla of course wanted to chew on her other hand the whole time :)

Roman got tired of walking ! :)

Nixon and Isla

Isla 2 1/2

Nixon one month before her 4th birthday!

Roman one month before his 1st birthday!

The girls wanted to run around and play the entire time!

Roman needed a little help on the bridge!

A few of my favorites!

I loved the swing but someone different was looking and smiling in every picture!

Finally one where no one is looking! :)

We actually went back a second day so that we could try to get a few good pics of Roman and the 3 kids together.

Roman cooperated pretty good!

Isla...not so much!

Roman says "I'm out of here!"

Nixon decided to end the morning with "silly face"! (of course this is when Isla decides to stop pouting!) :)

All together we got some great pictures! And they were free! :) Next year I WILL have Christmas cards!


  1. Beautiful family photos!
    Do you mind if I link your blog to mine?

  2. Thanks Amy! Please do! Like always, we really need to get together!!!!