Monday, March 14, 2011

Ballet and Ice Cream!

I have been wanting to have "Family Night" each week.
We have been so busy and something always seems to come up to cancel my plans.
Tonight was no exception, Nixon had ballet and Jared had a Sunday School meeting.
But tonight was our first family night on accident! :)
I took the girls to ballet and then Jared and Roman met us and went to Brewster's for ice cream!
(kids 40" or shorter get free ice cream!)

Roman really liked his ice cream!

He liked mine too!

Jared and the girls enjoyed their ice cream!

Apparently something was very funny. The girls were playing one of their "made up" games. Something about bird? :)

The BIG event of the night was the premier of the new Dora Ballet Movie!
The girls were of course ecstatic to finally see it! And Roman danced to the music the entire movie!

Hopefully this will be the beginning of fun weekly
memory-making family time for years to come!

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