Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dolphin Cruise - Beach Trip 2012

On Wednesday of our vacation 
we took all the kids on 
a Dolphin Cruise. 

Unfortunately Sara was not feeling
well, so she and 
Roxann were not able to
take the boat ride.

All the cousins waited patiently for the boat.

Even sweet Lottie 
waited patiently for
her 1st boat ride.

Cousin Katie came on 
the adventure with us!

Everyone found a 
seat on the boat.

Aunt Sharon sat up 
front with the girls.

Everyone swapped seats and
took turns watching certain 
kids throughout the boat ride. 
(no one fell overboard!)

Nixon stuck with Aunt Sharon
most of the ride.

We saw LOTS of
dolphins during the boat ride!!

The kids had such a wonderful
time watching and looking at the 

Although, Roman was more interested in the
people parasailing than the dolphins!

The kids were allowed to touch
different fish and crabs
throughout the ride.

They also enjoyed
going to the glass bottom 
part of the boat
where they were
 able to see the dolphins up close. 

The kids got to
take turns being Captain of
the Boogies!







It was a fabulous
two hours!!!

We ended the morning with a yummy 
seafood lunch!

We had such a fun filled 
morning on the boat!

9 kids and 8 adults! 
We will definitely do this
again during our Annual
Nixon Beach Trip.

I love making such wonderful 
memories with all our family.
We are blessed with so many cousins,
aunts, uncles, and grandparents 
that are able to come together during
the summer! 

I wouldn't trade our
big family for ANYTHING! 

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