Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Oh, how I wish I was still at 
the beach!

Below are just a few pictures
of the kids
& their cousins having fun 
in the sun during 
our week in Seacrest. 

The sun was bright! 

Isla &

Lottie liked the beach for
about an hour each day!

Jared was such a 
good daddy/uncle
letting all the kids
bury him!

(if only her eyes were open)

My brother and Roxann 
with their 3 and Roman!

Lottie took a nap on 
mommy's shoulder!

The last time I will be
able to sleep on the
beach for a while!

John Ashley building
sandcastles with 
John Robert and JohnMark.
(yes, there are
 a LOT of Johns in
our family)

Mark and JennaLeigh
enjoying the shade!

Isla and her bestie
Johnna Katherine!

Haley our nanny ;) 
& cousin Katie! 

Roman catching 
some fish! 

My sister's kids!
Julianna, JonMark, 
JennaLeigh & Johnna Katherine!

Love this pic of
my nieces!

Nixon buried 
like daddy!

My bro and John Robert!

Lotte woke up!

We did take a break from 
the sun to grab lunch and

We rode down to Seaside 
one afternoon and found 
these ice-cream hotdogs!

Roman LOVED his!

So did Isla!

We also had many
popsicle breaks!

And sometimes we just took 
a break at the beach house!

My sweet Lottie was happy
no matter where she was!

She loved visiting her
cousin Ella!

We could not have asked
for more better weather or
 prettier water!

It was perfect the
entire trip!

Can't wait until next year! 

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