Monday, September 24, 2012

Nixon's 1st Field trip

Today was Nixon's 1st school
field trip. 

She was more excited about
riding the school 
bus than anything!! 

Her kindergarten class went
to Stevi B's Pizza Buffet!

As they arrived Mrs. Rose 
sang a song with them to 
get them quiet and still. 
(I think I need to learn this song 
for my house!)

Nixon and her classmates 
waited for a tour of the kitchen.

They got to touch and hold the dough!

They visited the freezer & then
watched as the machine flattened
out the dough.

Nixon and her classmates
got to pretend to be 
chefs and put pepperoni
on the pizzas!

Nixon and her friend Brook 
made a pizza!

They colored as they waited
for the pizzas to cook!

The pizza must have been

For dessert they 
ate ice-cream! 

Nixon had a great day with her friends! 

Nixon & her friend Jancyn.

Nixon and Brook

I am happy I had the opportunity to 
join Nixon and her class on 
their 1st field trip!

Nixon is so blessed to have such a 
WONDERFUL teacher Mrs. Rose. 

I asked Nixon what her 
favorite thing about 
Mrs. Rose is and 
she answered, 
"She helps me learn and she is pretty".

Nixon is looking forward to her 
next field trip to the Pumpkin Patch! 
(& of course riding the bus again)

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  1. Love this!!! Thank you for posting this blog!!! Nixon is such a joy to have in class. I can not wait to see you in the morning Nixon. Oh and by the way.....I love you "fashion statements" each day!!! :)
    Mrs. Rose