Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 4 - Wamble Family Shrimp Boil

We woke up Tuesday and
John Ashley, Roxann,
Ella, Sara, & John Robert had driven in
from VA Beach to join us. 
(my brother and his family)

We had a fun morning on the beach! 

John Robert


Isla, Lottie, and Nixon

Nixon and Isla
enjoyed finding seashells all week!

Jared was a good sport and let 
all the kids bury him 
in the sand!

Again, the girls
LOVED finding saeshells!

Nixon and Julianna!

Nixon sure does miss 
her cousin now that school has started!

Isla and Ella


Isla being a model! :) 

One of the highlights of the 
vacation was the family bike rides. 

Tuesday evening we had our
annual Wamble Family
Shrimp Boil!

Mom's two sisters came!
Aunt Rita & Aunt Sharon

Kailyn and Katie were there too!

Nixon and Isla
love them some Aunt Rita!

Kailyn and JohnMark

We enjoyed a great
dinner together!

Jared ate more than his share
of the shrimp. 

We had a yummy chocolate cake and 
key lime pie for the birthday boy,

John Ashley!

Jared gave John Ashley 
birthday lovin'!

John Robert & Isla
really enjoyed the cake!!

I love when we all get together!
Me, my sister Jessica, cousin Kailyn,
cousin Katie, & sister-n-law Roxann

Me and my 
 fabulous cousin Kailyn!
(for the record, I have no 
makeup on and 
have 4 kids)

Roman wanted in all the girl's
(so I had to crop him out!)

It was a wonderful day
of family, fun, 
& the beach!

We definitely do not
 get together enough!

I look forward to the 
Wamble Family Christmas!

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