Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nixon's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

        Dear Nixon,
Yesterday was your 
1st day of Kindergarten. 
I can't believe you are 
no longer at home eating
picnic lunches, playing barbies, and
helping with your 
little sisters and brother. 
These past 5 years have flown by! 

Weeks before school 
started I had picked out the 
cutest backpack and 
lunchbox from Pottery Barn,
but you were quick 
to let me know you 
wanted Hello Kitty! 
I gave in and 
was Hello Kitty.
(I might I've gone overboard 
with the Cricut)

Last week we went to 
the school for Sneak-a-Peek.  
You saw your classroom for the 1st 
time and met your teacher. 
Right then and there it became a reality
to your daddy and I that you 
were officially a big girl!

 You were so 
thrilled when you
heard that your teacher's 
name was Mrs. Rose. 
Being that Rose is your favorite 
name. In fact, you
named your baby sister Rose. 

The night before school started the
"Back-to-School Fairy" dropped in for 
a visit. Of course you whispered to me,
"I know fairies aren't really real, but
it's fun to pretend!"

So we pretended and had fun painting
Jitter Glitter on your nails. 
(Sorry there are no pictures I 
could not get my camera to work)

Monday morning quickly arrived!

We had to throw away our family
rule, "No one gets up before 
the sun wakes up!". 
We were up bright and early.
(although when I think about it
it was NOT bright, it was still dark)

Daddy baked you muffins.
(per your request)

And I dressed you in your 1st of many
"1st Day of School Outfit".
(I can remember what I 
wore the 1st day of school all the 
way back to 1st grade!) 

I let you pick what we listened to
on our way to school. 
I was not surprised when you chose
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

We had to listen to it a few times while in line! 

Lottie came to see you off your 1st day!

As soon as we walked through the doors 
we saw Mrs. Kristen! 
I know you will be in good hands with 
all our Summerville family 
who work at the school. 

Mrs. Rose seems to be the best teacher!
I know you are going to have so much fun 
and learn so much this year! 

Everyone is calling and asking how 
I am doing. Honestly, I thought I would be 
a basket case. I am not sure if you will remember but 
the day before your 1st day 
of school you attended your 1st funeral. 

Our sweet friends Whitney
and Bryant lost their 8 day old 
baby girl, Henley. 

I know a 5 year old at a funeral?! 
But I am so happy I took you.
It was the most amazing service I have 
ever attended. I know you heard the gospel
several times. And although your little
ears are still to young to truly understand,
I know that even before kindergarten, 
where you will learn things
 like how to read and write,
you are already learning the most 
important thing in life,
that Jesus came and lived a
 perfect life only to die and rise again. So 
that you may have a relationship 
with Him and spend
eternity with Jesus. 

As I was driving up to the school
I wanted to cry but the Lord stopped me
and reminded me of how
 blessed I am to have a precious 
5-year girl to send to kindergarten. 

I have been beyond blessed
 to have spent 5 years 
at home with you. It was 
all I EVER wanted
 to be a stay at home mom.
 I have been able to watch
you take your 1st steps, 
say your 1st words,
feed you lunch, play and be 
your primary influence your
1st years of your life. 
(which honestly makes me nervous at times) 

So as you start Kindergarten, I pray 
that you will remember 
what your daddy and I
have and continue to teach you. 
To love others and to love the Lord. 
To not only make good decisions 
but make Godly decisions. 

As I was praying for you this 
morning I thought of a verse 
Cheaper has given to me many times
throughout my youth and adulthood.

Proverbs 3 :5-6
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understaning. In all
 your ways acknowledge Him
and He will direct your paths."

So whether your a kindergartener 
having troubles on 
the playground or a 
senior in high school
making a decision about 
what college to attend. 
I pray you will trust God's Word. 

I'm so excited to see 
what our Lord has in store
for my little "President".

                                  Love, Mommy 


  1. So, so sweet! I got tears in my eyes reading your sweet post. Hope she had a great first day!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Those little ones are so blessed to have a great mommy! Congrats on Nixon's first day of schoo

  3. Julia! Hands down my favorite post. Well done my friend. Nixon is such a beautiful little girl and she is blessed to have a wonderful Mommy. Love you.

  4. Congratulations on your first day of school as a Mom, Julia. Your heart and spirit has never failed to amaze me.

    I feel like I post this constantly on facebook and here... but it's true: your family so so beautiful!

    I love your Cri-cut action. How often do you use it?

    So sorry to hear about Whitney and Bryant, and Henley. I have been praying or them a lot. Their faith is so inspiring.

    I miss you. Really wish I could see you!