Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 3 of Seacrest Vacation

I am soo behind on blogging! I can't
even remember exactly what 
we did each day at
the beach so I will let the
pictures tell the story! 
I do know that I wish I was back there! 
Sitting in the sun, swimming with the kids, 
SLEEPING LATE! Oh, the things I took
for granted this summer!

Since I am on strict orders
to do NOTHING for two weeks
(just had my hysterectomy) I hope to catch up
on the blog! 

We spotted a doughnut truck
a little ways from the beach house 
so we all took a walk to
 get doughnuts one morning!

Isla of course complained 
that her legs were "broken" 
and daddy had to carry her!

It was a beautiful walk!

They had all types of doughnuts.
The red velvet was my favorite!

Lottie had her 1st taste of
a doughnut. 

Cousin JennaLeigh and Roman
delivered doughnuts to those still asleep at 
the beach house. 

I know we had a fun day swimming 
at the pool and beach. Unfortunately,
I did not take my camera with me 
to catch the memories.

We went to dinner with all the
 family that night. 
Waiting for a table for 18 
gave me plenty of time to 
take pictures of everyone!

Isla and Daddy

Roman & Daddy

Jessica, JennaLeigh, Julianna,
Lottie, Katie, & Nina

Haley and Lottie!

Mommy and Nixon

Mommy and Lottie

Mommy & Isla

JennaLeigh & Preacher

Jessica & Julianna

Jessica, JennaLeigh, &

Cousin Katie &

Sweet Cousins!

Roman and Lottie!

My favorite picture
of Nina and Isla!

We finally got to enjoy dinner together.
It was a great day visiting
with all the family!
So happy Aunt Sharon, Katie, 
& Andy  were able to join us! 

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