Monday, April 2, 2012

March 365

March- 365

I have been a huge slacker this 
month with the blog. 
I can't blame it on not having time. 
Time is all I have had. 

Honestly, I have felt like we really 
haven't done much. 
I have spent the entire month sitting 
in the living room chair
or my wheelchair. 

But after downloading this month's 
pictures I saw I had over 50 
(the point of 365 is to have 1 per day)
so apparently we have more to 
remember than I realized! 

March 1
American Idol started back.
It's the girls favorite show!
Here they are dancing with Jared!

The kids LOVE to play and ride
in my wheelchair!

March 2
The girls all ready for school!

Every other Friday the church has
someone to come clean the 
house for us. (We are very very thankful!)
We go to Ihop to get out of their way!

March 3
We (the kids and mom) decorated
the house for Easter!

March 5
 I thought I was going to have a little thumb sucker
but now she prefers sucking on her entire fist!

March 6
Aunt Rita sent us a wonderful
 "happy", an edible bouquet!
The kids and I LOVED it!

We baked Easter cookies! 

March 7???
Lottie loves belly time!

Haley has been a HUGE
help this month!

March 8
Jessica and the kids came to
help for the week!

March 9???
My little Pop-star cheerleader!

March 10
 Roman and JennaLeigh
became the best of friends during
her visit!

I have the BEST husband. He
cleaned the kitchen floor on his hands and knees
for me! :) 

March 11
"Cartee Caravan" came from Northport! 
I am still overwhelmed with the kindness
they showed!

March 12
 Book I read during my
MANY sleepless nights!

March 13???
Cousins/ Best Friends
Julianna and Nixon

One of the best things about 
my accident is the delicious food
we have been brought!

This red velvet cake was AMAZING!

The last night all the cousins were visiting
we played "Drawsome" kiddie style!

March 14
I had several helpers on my
trip to Target!

I never thought I'd be so excited about 
being able to take a real shower!

March 15
Lottie had her 1st play-date with her 
friend from church, Rebekah!

March 16
Lottie enjoyed Ihop this Friday! 

March 17
Gue and Maw Maw came to help for a few days. 
Gue made Isla this beautiful Easter dress!

Best Surprise EVER!
My two best friends from 
high school, Tara and Jenn,
surprised me and came to visit!

Jared and I enjoyed a long overdue
date night at Bonefish!
(Thanks to Laura Leigh!)

March 18
The kids loved having MawMaw
at the house!

Nixon went to her 1st rodeo 
( and date) with her friend Braden!

 While sitting I decided to go through some old
pictures and came across this!
Love Fathers white suit!

March 19???
The girls love to read to Lottie!

March 20
I absolutely love that my accident
has given so many of my old friends an excuse
to come visit!

I  really enjoyed visiting with Melissa!

March 21
My kids love to go through the carwash!
You'd think we were at Disney World!
Also, Haley had never driven a car
through the wash!
Big treat for everyone!

Daddy's home!

March 22
Apparently wheelchairs make
really good forts!

Hunger Games Premiere!!!!
Loved getting out and 
seeing the Hunger Games!

March 23
The girl's and I spent time together before
they went to visit cousin Katie!

March 24
Lottie loved having all my attention 
to herself while the kids were gone!

Nina came to help for a few days!

We dropped by LuLu's and received
FREE delicious cupcakes!!!!

March 25???
 1st time I have been able to get on 
the floor and play with Lottie!
(I had a hard time getting up!) 

March 26
No more CPM!!!!
I finally reached my goal on my flexion and
physical therapy allowed me to stop doing the 

March 27
Good report at the doctor!
Only two more weeks until
I can put weight on my foot!
Jared and I celebrated and
he treated me to my
 first Thai food
It was delicious!

My friend Jennifer brings Roman home 
from preschool every Wednesday and visits
for the afternoon.
She and Evan came to babysit me and Lottie this
Tuesday since all my help was sick.

I am very thankful for her company and friendship!

March 28
 Haley and I had two sewing days!
I tried teaching Haley what little
 I know about sewing!

March 29
The finished product!
Nixon and Isla's!

Lottie was there to try her outfit on!  

 (minus the buttons)

March 30
 We meet my cousin Katie and Aunt Sharon
in Montgomery to get the kids back!
They got to meet Lottie for the 1st time!

March 31
Nixon was so happy to be home with Lottie!
She begged to change her diaper,
and she did much better than I expected! :) 

It rained all day up to the church's
Easter egg hunt!
They went to a muddy egg hunt and had a blast! 
Unfortunately, Lottie and I had to stay home
because of the weather. 
(mud and wheelchairs don't mix) 

It was a long month. 

As you can probably tell by
 the angle of the pictures
 I sat in the same spot 
most of the time.

I am so thankful for so many who 
brought us dinner each night, who came to visit,
who just sent a card or made a phone call.

It really made the month go by faster 
(not fast but faster)
and it made it a lot easier.

I am thankful I have been 
able to make it to church the past
two Sundays and
get out more!

I am looking forward to April. 
Hopefully I will be standing in next month's

Our Lord has definitely taught us
so much through this accident and
continues to do so.

Below is our (mine and Jared's)
March verse.  We thank God for allowing
us to continue to grow in grace, knowledge and
obedience in Him throughout these
past two months. 


  1. Great update. Your children are so beautiful! I am glad that you are receiving so much help and support. I love you, Julia and I continue to pray for you and your family. I want to come and visit so badly.

    1. Thanks! I would love to see you! You should drive over one day!!

  2. Julia, that passage in James was exactly my prayer through my ankle ordeal. I've been praying for you guys - it's so wonderful to see love in action through all the support you're getting. Much love to you, Jared and the kids!

    1. Thanks Margaret! I miss you! I hope everything is going well for you.