Monday, April 9, 2012

Summerville's Easter Party!

Last weekend was the 
church's Easter Egg Hunt. 
It rained all day so it was 
pretty muddy outside. 

Wheelchairs and mud do not mix so I 
unfortunately had to stay
 home with Lottie.

By the pictures the kids look
 like they had a blast! 

Haley took a few pictures of
the girls out front
before they left for the party.
(Roman has officially
decided he does NOT
like the camera!)

I love the bunny shirts
Gue sent the girls!

 What did they do
 at the Easter party?

They jumped and slid on inflatables!

They played ball!

They rode ponies!

They played with their friends!

 They rode paddle boats!

They saw the Easter bunny!

They played on the playground!

 They played in mud!

They ate snacks and hotdogs!
I hear Roman ate 5 cupcakes!!!! 

And of course,
 they searched for Easter eggs!

Although I was unable to attend I am 
so thankful for the Throwers for having
the Easter Egg Hunt at their home.
They have done such a wonderful job
the past two years since we have been here.

Our kids had such an awesome time. 
They are already looking forward to next year! 

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