Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summerville Preschool Easter Parties!

Easter Egg Hunt #2
of the season!

Last Thursday the girls had
an Easter party at preschool.

Haley and I made these adorable 
chicks and bunnies out of Oreos
for the parties.

Haley had the rough job of dipping
the Oreos into the hot candy. 

I simply decorated the cookies.

Once again the girls wore the shirts
Gue sent but this time
thankfully it was not muddy!

Isla posing for the camera!

Nixon Grace!

Both girls had yummy treats 
their party!

Lottie came and partied with the girls!

Nixon and her
 good friend

Nixon and Blair!

The kids headed to
the park for their Easter Egg hunt!

Nixon found a cupcake egg!

Blowing Bubbles!

Nixon with her friends Blair and Allie!

And lastly, Nixon and her good 
friend Braden!

Unfortunately, Nixon and Isla's 
hunt was at the same time 
so my camera was with 
Nixon the entire 
time! But Isla had a wonderful
 time at her party too! 

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