Saturday, March 3, 2012

February 365

February 365

I started our family's 365 project 
last month so that in 10 years 
from now we could look back
and remember our day-to-day lives. 
Never did I imagine that the next month I would 
need the pictures to remember  1/3 of the month. 

I have no memories 
for the week after my surgery. 
Unfortunately I was not able to take
 a picture each day like planned
but I did take extra to make up. 

February was a crazy month
 and honestly I am glad it is over. 
I look forward to 
the months ahead!

February 1st
We started the month off great 
with Nixon's Rapunzel party.
I love my new Cricut I got for Christmas!

February 2nd
I of course waited until the last minute
to sew the party favors,
Rapunzel pajama pants!

February 3rd
Nixon's Party!
Lottie's 1st Princess party.

February 4th
Nixon's 1st overnight guests!

February 5th 
Lottie enjoying Rob's sermon.

The Super Bowl went a little 
long for our future tight end!

February 7th 
Family game of 
Hide-n-Go Seek!

February 8th
Trix are NOT for Roman!

February 9th
Grand opening of Zoe's.
(my favorite place to eat)
Jared said I ate it 3 nights in a 
row at the hospital but I don't
 remember that at all!

February 10th 
Lottie and I enjoying the beginning of 
our "peaceful" weekend together!

Waiting in the emergency room later that night!
(this is just my foot not leg, it was a lot worse 
than the picture shows)

February 10-17th 
I was in the hospital. 
These days are a blur.

Morphine became my best friend!

Walking with the walker.

I guess Jessica was at the hospital....
I don't really remember??
(but thanks for coming!)

February 18th ???
Again, I don't remember this at all 
but this must be when I got home. 

My new toilet :) 

February 20th???
Jared took me to get my hair washed. 
He's also having to sponge bathe me. 
Oh the simple things we take for
granted!!! I am very thankful I have such 
a wonderful husband who takes care of me!

February 21st???
While taking a nap I heard giggling 
and footsteps outside my door.
I woke up to find that the door had been
"heart attacked".
(the girls were so excited)

The kids put on a fashion show
to cheer me up.
(one day the sequin halter dress
Roman is wearing is going to 
come back and haunt him!)

February 22nd
Me and Jared watching 
everything saved up on the DVR. 

February 23rd
I was so excited we won tickets to the
Circus! Jared and the
kids had a blast!
It was the kids 1st Circus.

 February 24th 
Roman got the 1st of many 
rides on my new set of wheels!

 February 24th??
My sister-n-law, Allison came to help. 
It was so nice to have her for several days. 

 Gue also came for about a week to help!

February 26th 
Father and Nina came and traded places to help.
I'm not sure who enjoyed Father being here more,
me or the kids???

February 27th???
My personal shopper, Haley
got me a book light. 
I love it!

February 28th
Roman started preschool.
Makes me sad to have him out of the
house so much but I know it is what is best for now. 

February 29th 
I finally got out of the house 
for some retail therapy.
Not much my mom and shopping
can't help fix!

February ended up being a rough month.
It's hard going from full-time busy mommy to being
stuck in a chair or bed for 24 hours, having to ask for 
help with EVERYTHING! I am not even able to get my 
wheel chair in the kids rooms. 
I had to quit nursing Lottie cold 
turkey due to the medicine. 
Not to mention the physical therapy and pain. 

But through all this we have
 been blessed beyond words. 
I can't even begin to thank those
 who visited or brought food to
the hospital (I don't remember all who did, 
but I do know it was done!)  

I know my sister Jessica and mom worked hard on
getting the house ready for me to come home.
I find new things they did each day. 

Our church has been AMAZING.
 I don't even know where to begin. 
But thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! 
We have been provided meals 
since the hospital and SOOO much more. 
We are very thankful and blessed to be
a part of the Summerville Family. 

I have received cards and support 
from so many people. 
We definitely feel loved and
 blessed beyond measure. 

We also have been blessed 
with 24 hour help, Haley.
She has been an answered prayer.
It takes at least one person for Lottie, one for me,
and one for the other 3 kids to make it 
through the day. 
We are blessed to have family take turns to
come and take care of us. 

I know we have a tough couple 
of months ahead of us but 
 I know that with the strength of the 
Lord and the support of our family 
and church we will make it through.

I also noticed as I was writing the above 
the word "blessed"
was repeated many times. 
That is because that is what we are, 

Thank you all who have kept us in your prayers. 
I hope to be walking by May and back to our normal
"Chaotic" life! 

"So we do not lose heart . Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal."
2 Corinthians 4:16-18 

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  1. Julia, I have definitely been thinking of you and praying for you as you recover. I wish I were closer to bring you a meal and play with the kids and hug on sweet Lottie. I am so glad you have such a great community and family to support you and Jared. Love you!