Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Look Whooo's 3 Months Old!

Baby girl is 3 months old!!!!

She has had a month full of changes
but has remained the sweetest 
baby ever!

With my accident she had to 
stay home a whole week without mommy.

She's had Nina, Gue, 
Aunt Jessie, Aunt Alli, and Haley taking 
care of her.

She went from nursing to formula
cold turkey. Thankfully she took a bottle
with no problems. 

She loves to suck on her fists!

In fact, we could not get them 
out of her mouth for pictures!

She loves her bouncer!!

She has started talking (cooing)
all the time!

She has found her hands and when they 
are not in her mouth she is playing with them.

She smiles all the time!
(until of course we get the camera out) 

 She LOVES it when her big sister Nixon 
sings to her! 

 Her cousins arrived on
 the 3 month birthday!



She has been wonderful this past month. 
She definitely brightens my day as I sit and 
hold her. I love seeing her smile
 and listening to her talk. 

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