Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Family Picnic

The week before my accident 
we went for a family picnic
 to enjoy the unusual 
80 degree weather
we have been having.

Of course I did not check the
 weather the day before 
 after promising a picnic to the kids
and the extra warm weather was over. 
But we still had a good afternoon.

I am now especially glad we 
went ahead and had the chilly
picnic because it was probably my last at 
the park until summer. 

We had turkey and cheese sandwiches 
and I cut them in

Nixon's exact words were
"Mommy, your the best cook ever!" 
(somehow cutting sandwiches into
triangles make them taste better) 

 Jared tossed goldfish into 
Roman's and Isla mouth. 
They enjoyed being introduced to 
the new game as much
as he enjoyed hitting them 
in the face with food.

It was Lottie's 1st picnic!
She slept the ENTIRE time.

We played hopscotch...

and other games around the park. 

Roman was just excited to
run around!

We walked down to the 
lake to feed the ducks!

Roman loved the ducks and birds!

Nixon was scared and stayed with Lottie! 

Daddy Picture!

I tried getting a mommy
picture, but they would not

 Jared ended up taking Lottie to the
 car because of the wind.

The girls wanted to 
model for the camera.
(I promise I did not stage this, 
they love to make expressions
and see themselves on camera) 

Happy Face

Sad Face

Mad Face

Surprised Face

Silly Face

I'm not too sure
about these two??

Roman let me snap one picture!

We ended the picnic 
with kids climbing on tree stumps.
(it doesn't take much to entertain them)

We had a fun family afternoon. 
I look forward to many
 picnics this summer.
(I might just have to have a few 
in the living room before then)

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  1. How fun! Those are great pictures and great memories! We have picnics in the den sometimes, too!